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What Does Refurbished, Reconditioned or Renewed Mean?

Customers may return an item for various reasons which include just a dislike of the product, simply a change of mind, wrong color or size, product was damaged in shipping or they think the product will be too difficult for them to operate.

Regardless of the reason for return, the product is labeled refurbished, reconditioned or renewed depending on the term that the seller uses for these type items and they are then offered for resale at a discounted price.

If the product needs repairs then the original manufacturer or a professional outside firm repairs any defect, restoring the produt to a like-new or almost-new condition.

Some of Refurbished, Reconditioned or Renewed items will show a slight amount of wear and tear and others will look brand new.

Be aware that not all accessories may be included with a Refurbished, Reconditioned or Renewed product; cases, straps, manuals, etc. You will want to read the product information page carefully to know exactly what you will receive.


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