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Chef's Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer
Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Stainless Steel Food Slicer
Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer for Home Use
Chef's Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer - (Multi-purpose 7-inch stainless steel blade slices a wide variety of foods from deli thin to 3/4 inch thick slices.)
Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Stainless Steel Food Slicer - FS-75 - (Home meat slicer provides 7.5 inch stainless steel blade with maximum slicing thickness up to 1/2 inch.)
Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer for Home Use - (7-ince, multi-purpose, stainless-steel blade slices from deli-thin to 1-inch thick slices.)
  • Fast, efficient slicing delivering sliced food directly to large trays or platters.
  • This versatile, rugged electric food slicer for home use features a cool-running, high-torque electric motor and reliable, smooth gears for slicing with ease and confidence.
  • Multi-purpose 7" stainless steel blade slices a wide variety of foods from deli thin to 3/4" thick slices.
  • Special button secures food carriage in lock position to limit access to blade when unit is not in use.
  • Some reviewers have stated that it is not as easy to clean as reported.
  • Measures: 15" x 11" x 11"
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  • Get meat sliced del-thin at home with this electric meat slicer.
  • This home meat slicer by Cuisinart provides a 7.5" stainless steel blade with maximum slicing thickness up to 1/2".
  • Non-slip feet keeps your slicer in place for stale operation.
  • Slice control knob adjusts from 1/32" to 1/2" to allow you to slice bread, roasts, firm cheeses, etc.
  • Recommended to hand wash..
  • Small and compact, easy to store and lightweight (11.2 lbs.).
  • Dimensions: 10.5" H x 14.5" W x 9.25 " D
  • Speciality slicer great for the busy home cook or the sportsman in the family.
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  • Slice a wide variety of foods from deli-thin to approximately 1" thick slices.
  • Slicer features include an intermittent "on/off" switch and a handy cord storage.
  • Its large-capacity food carriage retracts fully to permit slicing of extra-large roasts, hams and other foods.
  • All structural components made of cast aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Features a powerful, cool-running, high-torque electric motor and reliable, smooth gears for slicing with ease and confidence.
  • This food slicer has tilted food carriage and cantilever design for fast slicing.
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Waring Professional Heavy Duty Food/Meat Slicer
Weston 83-0750-W 7.5-Inch Meat Slicer
Presto Electric Food Slicer Shredder
Waring Professional Heavy Duty Food Slicer - (Easy home slicer for cheese, meat and more.7.5 inch stainless steel spinning blade.)
Weston 83-0750-W 7.5-Inch Meat Slicer - (Smooth gliding carriage, stainless steel food tray, food pusher with teeth for controlled slicing.)
Presto 02970 Pro SaladShooter Slicer/Shredder - (Slice or shred vegetables, bananas, fruits and cheese for salads, tacos, pizzas, soups and more.)
  • Easy home slicer for cheese, meat and more.
  • Large, easy to use slice control knob for 1/32 to 1/2 inch thick slices.
  • This slicer has a heavy-duty 130 watt internal motor.
  • 7.5 inch stainless steel spinning blade.
  • Removable carriage for easy cleaning.
  • Dimensions: 11.2" H x 11.2" W x 17.5" D.
  • Cast aluminum housing on this electric food slicer for home use with stainless steel blade.
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  • This Weston 7 1/2 inch meat slicer is high quality, quiet running and has a compact design.
  • The food pusher with teeth controls slicing.
  • Slice meat, cheese and more.
  • Sturdy base and suction cup feet for stable and safe operation.
  • Adjustable thickness settings from deli thin to over 1/2" thick.
  • Powerful 200 watt motor.
  • Some customers report that this unit is hard to clean.
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  • With this popular slicer / shredder you can slice or shred vegetables, fruits and cheese for delicious salads, tacos, soups, desserts, pizzas and more.
  • Includes 4 interchangeable cones for making regular slices, thick slices, ripple cuts and shreds and a handy funnel guide.
  • Chops nuts, grates chocolate and even makes bread and cracker crumbs.
  • Makes regular slices for salads, thick slices for apple pie, shreds potatoes for hasbrowns and cheese for pizza.
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Presto PS-10 Anodized Alumiunum Meat Slicer
ZOKOP 110V 150W 7.5 inch Home Semi-Automatic Stainless Steel Deli Food Slicer Belt Gear Cutter
Blade Sharpener for Chef's Choice Food Slicers
Presto PS-10 Anodized Aluminum Meat Slicer - (Belt Driven Transmission, 10" Blade. Built-in sharpener and ring guard for safety.)
ZOKOP 110V/150W 7.5" Home Semi-Automatic Stainless Steel Food Slicer - (This Electric Food Slicer is a versatile household food slicer.)
Blade Sharpener for Chef's Choice Food Slicers - (Sharpen and hones for incredibly sharp food slicer blades. 100% diamond abrasives)
  • The Presto PS-10 anodized aluminum meat slicer has a 10" diameter blade.
  • Slicing carriage can accommodate meat pieces up to 8 x 7.5 inches.
  • Made of anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance.
  • Built-in sharpener and ring guard for safety.
  • Permanently lubricated carriage ball bearings for quiet operation.
  • This slicer is not designed for cheese slicing applications.
  • more...
  • This versatile home food slicer is perfect for meats, vegetables, cheeses, fruits, bread and more.
  • A thickness adjustment knob permits adjustments up to 5/8" thick.
  • Suction cup feet keep the unit stable.
  • The slicer's 7.5" stainless steel blade easily cuts through tough and frozen meats..
  • Spiked meat holder maintains a firm grip for controlled slicing. .
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  • This Chef's Choice blade sharpener sharpens both serrated and non-serrated blades.
  • Fits the M610 and 615 model.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Black exterior with diamond abrasives.
  • Wipe clean
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G & F 1607L Cut Resistant 100-Percent Kevlar Gloves
Generic 12" Blade Semi-Automatic Durable Vegetable Meat Slicer-Electric Food Slicer Deli Meat Cutter by Sanven
McGlaughlin Oil PETROL-GEL 4 Oz. Lubricant Tube for Food Slicer
G & F 1607L Cut Resistant 100-Percent Kevlar Gloves - (Heavy Weight Textured Blue Latex Coated, Large)
Generic 12" Blade Semi Automatic Durable Vegetable Meat Slicer - (Convenient operation of frozen meat, cucumber, ham meat, radish, etc.)
McGlaughlin Oil PETROL-GEL - (4-Oz Lubricant Tube. Use for meat slicer, meat grinder, kitchen and stand mixer, blener and other kitchen items.)
  • These cut resistant gloves are made of 100% DuPont Kevlar cut resistant fiber which provides excellent cut and slash resistance.
  • The textured latex coated palm provides sure Grip and protects from puncture and abrasions.
  • Coated with blue latex on palm, fingertips and thumb.
  • These gloves are perfect for cutting work and glass handling.
  • more...
  • This commercial semi-automatic slicer can slice massive boneless meat, including mutton, beef and venison.
  • It can also slice ham, bread, cheese, vegetables, fruit and other foods up to 18mm slices.
  • Skidproof rubber feet for table use.
  • Low noise and durable metal body.
  • Built-in dual whetstones for sharpening blade safely and conveniently.
  • more...
  • Extend your slicer and other equipment life with this McGlaughlin Oil PETROL-GEL.
  • Cut maintenance cost by keeping your food slicer well oiled.
  • 4 oz. tube.
  • This thick lubricant goes on clear and stays in place. You can use it on my meat slicer, meat grinder, sausage stuffer, kitchen aid stand mixer, blender, and other items.




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